Eboard Elections


Vicky Weng

Hey guys! My name is Vicky Weng and I am a second year pharmacy major. This is my fourth semester in NUDANCO and second semester choreographing. Additionally, this has been my first semester serving on the executive board as secretary. These experiences have allowed to hone and develop my leadership skills over the past few years. Therefore, I’d like to run for secretary again for the next year so that I can continue giving back to the dance company that I love so much. This past year, I’ve learned essential e-board skills such as maintaining and updating the website, drafting emails for the dance company, and helping to organize the community performances that we do. Additionally, I have learned how to work effectively as a team with the other eboard members. Therefore, I believe that I have the qualities and qualifications to serve again as secretary for NUDANCO. If elected, I promise to work hard to uphold the values and standard of NUDANCO and preserve the love we all share for dance. Thank you! ☺

Juliana Segares

Hi everyone! My name is Juliana Segares and I am a third-year Industrial Engineering major here at Northeastern. I’m from Costa Rica and have been dancing ever since I was 4 years old in my city’s dance studio. Even though I had a very close dance family back home, I feel like I extended it when I joined NUDANCO 2 years ago. Therefore, I would really like to be part of the group of people that makes it stand.
I hope to be NUDANCO’s next secretary and help out in every way I can during the 2017-2018 period (hopefully more)! I believe I would be a good member of this e-board because I have been in charge of similar tasks before. I was an officer and vice-president of a Northeastern student group (IISE) last year and got to manage the internal affairs and promotion for it. I also helped my dance teacher organize most of our shows back home and enjoyed the whole process from the beginning! Other than experience, my enthusiasm and love for NUDANCO makes me a good candidate for this position. So, please vote for me and let me be a part of your Eboard next year!


Clare Malone

Hi everyone! I’ll be beginning my final year with NUDANCO in the Fall and would love this last opportunity to be involved with an organization that has meant so much to me throughout my time at Northeastern. I’m an Irish dancer, Sociology/Anthropology major, and have been in NUDANCO for 7 semesters and choreographed twice.
I have experience managing, tracking, and reconciling financial transactions and large donations at both of my previous co-op experiences and I think these skills could help me be a good fit for the position. Mostly, I would appreciate the chance to support NUDANCO and make sure it keeps running smoothly!

Laura Jones

Hi everyone! My name is Laura Jones and I’m currently a second year from Wellesley, Massachusetts. I’m very interested in running for the position of Treasurer for the 2017-2018 academic year! I am a business major in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business. I have already taken classes in financial management, financial accounting and managerial accounting which gives me a great background to be Treasurer. As a business student I have had the experience of creating several business plans and financial reports that would be useful when acquiring funding for the year.
I am so happy to be able to continue dancing in college! I joined NUDANCO as a freshman and have met so many amazing people in the time that I have been a member. I am so thankful that I found NUDANCO on campus, and am excited to have the opportunity to get more involved with the company. Thank you!

Events Coordinator

Hannah McDuffie

Hey guys!! My name is Hannah, I’m a fourth year Physical Therapy major, and I’ve been with NUDANCO for about 5 semesters and choreographed for one! Being on this Eboard has been an interest of mine since my first semester, when the famous Breana Goscicki and Taylor Evangelista were the dynamic duo leading this amazing company. Last year I was extremely busy holding an Eboard position for my sorority, so this is my year to go for it as I will be completely free in the fall and spring. I really think Events Coordinator is the perfect fit for me. I’ve loved getting to know so many of you who share the same passion for dance, and so coordinating bonding activities will be such a fun job for me. I of course will want to keep the traditional bonding party and cast party, but I’d also want to throw in a few workout classes here and there that dancers could attend if they want (Soul Cycle, yoga classes, Xtend Barre – that sort of thing). I know there is a place in Boston that offers pole dancing classes so that could be super cool and an awesome way for dancers to bond and maybe laugh a little!! I also will be here all summer and am interested in holding a photoshoot that we could feature on our website, facebook, and instagram. I have experience setting up fundraisers in the past, and I consider myself a very organized person so I will be on top of filling out forms for any requests we need in terms of our show. I am super excited for this opportunity, and thank you for considering me as the next Events Coordinator!

Julia Crawford

Hey Everyone!
My name is Julia Crawford and I am currently a fourth-year Business major concentrating in Marketing and Management. I am running for Events Coordinator because not only do I love NUDANCO and want to be more involved, but I think my background lends itself perfectly to being a successful Events Coordinator.
Being a marketing major and having completed 2 co-ops in this field, I am very well versed in event planning. At my current co-op, I work very closely with the Events Marketing Manager, and have been working with her to prepare for our annual user conference in May. This has made me a very organized, creative, and well versed in what goes into making events happen. I believe that we can make our fundraisers and events more successful through more marketing and some new ways of reaching people that I have learned throughout my co-ops. I also have some new ideas for company bonding activities that I think would bring NUDANCO together more than just twice a year for our Cast parties. For example, we can work with local boutique work out companies such as Xtend Barre, Turnstyle, and Pure Barre to host a free/discounted class that is specifically for NUDANCO. I have attended organization sponsored events like this before and would love to take on the challenge of making these new activities happen! I also have worked with the social media teams at my two co-ops so I believe I would be able to do a great job with NUDANCO’s social media pages and am very well prepared to take on that task.
I have been a member of NUDANCO for 8 semesters and believe that being elected the Events Coordinator would fulfill my final year with NUDANCO. I have put in so much time into NUDANCO over my 4 years at Northeastern, and would love this opportunity to make the events more fun and meaningful. I would consider myself to be very outgoing, a “life of the party” person, and experienced in many of the responsibilities of this position, so I think I would be best fit your new Events Coordinator.
Vote for me ☺

Creative Planner

Hayley Greenough

Hello! For those of you in the company who don’t know me, my name is Hayley and I’m a second year here at Northeastern, where we all go to school… surprise! I’ve been in NUDANCO since I started as a freshman, and I’ve choreographed 3 pieces for the company since joining. I absolutely love all the people I’ve met, danced with, and worked with these past 2 years, and I would love to step up my involvement in NUDANCO. I tend to have a fair amount of schoolwork, so NUDANCO is my only extracurricular activity, but that also coincidentally means that it is a main priority for me. As far as experience goes, I have been on E-boards in the past (High School student council VP repRESENT), so I know how much of a time and energy commitment these positions are, and I’m more than willing to take on that responsibility for NUDANCO as the Creative Planner. As Creative Planner in the next year I’d love to try my hand at designing and preparing our posters, t-shirts, and programs to help make them look super fly/ continue making them look as good as they do currently, and if that means learning some fun new software skills to do it, I’m 100% in. I have always had a love for art so I’d be excited to put it to good use in making the advertising and presentation of NUDANCO the absolute best it can be. I would definitely be #blessed if you voted for me.