Sep 8, 2016

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Fall 2016 Audition Schedule

Audition Day: September 11th, 2016 

9:00-9:30pm Registration

9:30-10:15pm Choreographer Showcase

10:20-11:00pm Lilly S. (ballet)

11:00-11:40pm Amber L. (contemporary/modern)

11:40-12:20pm: Claire M. & Laura O. (soft shoe)

12:20-1:00pm Courtney H. & Julia C. (hard shoe)

1:00-1:40pm Vicky W. (contemporary/lyrical)

1:40-2:20pm Aimee F. (contemporary)

2:20-3:00pm Sarah S. (tap)

3:00-3:40pm Melissa B. (tap)

3:40-4:20pm Megan T. (jazz)

4:20-5:00pm Haylee G. (contemporary)

5:00-5:40pm Madison M. (contemporary)

5:40-6:20pm Kyoko H. (hip-hop)

6:20-7:00pm Angie H. (hip-hop)

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Sep 8, 2016

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Fall 2016 Rehearsal Schedule


2-3 PM Madison M.

3-4 PM Amber L.

4-5 PM Lilly S.

5-6 PM Angie H.

6-7 PM Kyoko H.


6-7 PM Claire M. and Laura O.

7-8 PM Courtney H. and Julia  C.


6-7 PM Hayley G.

7-8 PM Vicky W.


8-9 PM Melissa B.

9-10 PM Sarah S.


7-8 PM Aimee F.

8-9 PM Megan T.

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Feb 15, 2010

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How can I become a member of NUDANCO?

To become a member of NUDANCO you must audition. Auditions are held in September and January for inclusion in that semester’s performance. Prospective dancers may audition for as many pieces as they want, but upon being chosen, may only perform in 3 dances. Once you have auditioned and are accepted, we ask that you pay a $30 membership fee, due at the beginning of the semester. For more information on auditioning, please see our Audition Information page. 


What kind of dance styles does NUDANCO work with?

NUDANCO works with a wide variety of inter-disciplinary dance styles, including (but not limited to): contemporary, modern, ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, African, tap and Irish step. Styles can and do differ from semester to semester, depending on the preferences of our chosen choreographers.


When does NUDANCO perform?

Our annual showcases are held in early December and early to mid April. We also offer opportunities to collaborate with other student groups – the availability and date of these performances varies with each semester. 


Where are rehearsals held?

Company rehearsals are primarily held in the dance studio, located on the second floor of the Curry Student Center – room 242. We also hold rehearsals in the Fenway Center, CSC ballroom, the Marino Center, or Squashbusters. For directions, please consult the map below.
View NUDANCO Rehearsal Locations in a larger map 


Do you hold classes?

Because we are a performance based company, our main focus is rehearsals. In the event that Northeastern provides us with more than enough scheduled hours, NUDANCO hosts classes taught by our student choreographers. Classes are open to all (including non-company dancers) and free of charge. To see what/if classes are currently scheduled, please see our Events page. 


What level of commitment is required to be a NUDANCO company member?

We ask that dancers attend all rehearsals, the mid-semester run-through, dress rehearsal and of course, our showcase. Rehearsals are typically 1 hour per piece on weeknights after 6 pm, or on weekend afternoons. Dancers are allowed to be in 3 pieces at most (4 if you’re a choreographer), so the max amount of rehearsals a week would be either 3 or 4. In addition to the usual scheduled rehearsals, choreographers may chose to hold extra rehearsals towards the end of the semester. 


What about costumes?

Costumes are left to the discretion of the choreographer, and each dancer pays for his/her own costume. In an attempt to keep costs low, we ask that choreographers stay with a $30 limit.

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Feb 15, 2010

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The Northeastern University Dance Company (NUDANCO) is the longest standing performance-based dance company at Northeastern University. Established in 2002, NUDANCO’s bi-annual showcases have become a permanent fixture in the

NU performing arts scene. Our performances feature an all-student cast of dancers and choreographers, who collaborate for months to produce artistic works that will entertain the NU community, dance enthusiasts, and our supportive fans. Our dancers are committed, creative and passionate about sharing their love of dance with our audiences. In addition to our own showcases, NUDANCO collaborates with other dance and non-dance groups at NU to create various performance opportunities.


Mission Statement:

The goal of The Northeastern University Dance Company (NUDANCO) is to provide an artistic outlet and performance opportunities for NU students with a passion and commitment to dance. NUDANCO is performance driven, serving its members -the dancers – and its community – the audience. NUDANCO values dance traditions, form and technique, and focuses on creative, artistic expression through movement.  Company members contribute choreography in the genres of modern, hip-hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, tap and other interpretive and classical styles. NUDANCO is entirely student run, and features a collaboration of expressive student choreography in its showcase each semester.

Company Membership:

Company membership is determined by audition. Auditions are held in September and January for inclusion in that semester’s showcase. We invite both undergraduate and graduate NU students. For more information on auditions and membership, please see our FAQ page.

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Jan 4, 2010

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Upcoming Events

Choreographer Auditions for NUDANCO’s Spring Showcase – “Raising the Barre”: Thursday, January 15th from 6-9 PM. Location: Curry Student Center Studio B. New and returning company members are encouraged to come audition their ORIGINAL choreography for our Spring 2015 performance. The theme of this show is “Raising the Barre”. If possible, we’d love to have your choreography somehow incorporate this theme. Feel free to explain the connection during choreographer auditions if you are able to encompass our theme into your piece. Even if you have never danced with or choreographed for our company in the past, we still encourage you to come audition. We are always looking for new and exciting dances to include in our showcases. Any style of dance is welcome, and even though our theme title includes the word “barre”, your choreography does not necessarily have to be ballet. Check out the Facebook event here for more info:

Dancer Auditions for NUDANCO’s Spring Showcase – “Raising the Barre”: Saturday, January 24th from 9 AM-9 PM. Location: Fenway Center. Arrive between 9:00-9:30am to check in/sign in and received your audition number. Stretch/self warm up until 9:30am. At 9:30am all of this semester’s choreographers will show you a sample of what their piece will look like. This will give you an idea of what pieces you want to audition for throughout the day. Once the choreographers have finished their mini-showcase and the E-board has made any final announcements, it’s time to dance!

Each choreographer will be allotted 45mins to teach the auditioning dancers a combination (first in a large group and then breaking up into smaller groups). Dancers will perform this combo for the choreographer and then the remaining time is up to the choreographer’s discretion (they may ask the dancers to do combinations/specific turns or jumps or even improv across the floor, etc). After all the auditions for all of the pieces have been completed, NUDANCO will post on our website ( the results.  Facebook event:

Please view the “Audition Information” section of the “About” tab for more information about how both choreographer and dancer auditions work.

Feel free to email the e-board with any questions you may have (



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