Nov 2, 2010

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NUDANCO Fall Workshop

Calling all dancers!

NUDANCO will be holding a workshop on Saturday November 13th from 2 – 3:30pm in the Curry Student Center Dance Studio. The workshop will be open to any and all interested dancers– not just current members! There will be a warm-up led by Dance Company President, Bernie Reeder, and then a contemporary combination taught by Katie Fulton. We’ll be asking for $3 at the door. If interested, please RSVP asap confirming your participation– as there are a limited number of spots available! If you have any questions, please email us at

ALSO: Company members! You should have received the email detailing our BEAUTIFUL NUDANCO sweatshirts! Don’t forget to pass in your size and money to a choreographer or eboard member if you’d like one!

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Mar 23, 2010

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The most productive finale rehearsal…EVER.

Hi Dancers, Fans, and Others,

With only a little more than a month to go before Memoirs, NUDANCO choreographers and seniors are already getting into finale mode. In the past, we’ve tried a number of ways to make this a relatively “easy” process…which is easier said than done. Choreographing for 50+ dancers with very busy lives is no small task!

Luckily, we had Beyonce and her leotard lady friends to help us out last semester. In case you missed it, NUDANCO busted out the YouTube sensation that is “Single Ladies,” heels included. I still can’t believe that no one twisted an ankle or stiletto’d someone’s toe – we are just one coordinated bunch. Check out our fierce moves below:

YouTube Preview Image

This semester we threw around several ideas before we decided to go back to choreographing the finale ourselves. The first rehearsal (and most likely only) was last Sunday and it was went great! Probably the most painless finale prep I’ve seen in my four NUDANCO years…that includes the years we began preparations on show day. See for yourselves in the video recorded that night (and try to ignore my awkward face in the end):

YouTube Preview Image

That rehearsal included just our seniors and choreographers, so we’re looking forward to adding the rest of the company before show time. I know Sarah has something up her sleeve for everyone else 😉 Enjoy your week everyone, and see you at Relay this Saturday!


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Mar 13, 2010

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Welcome To The New Site!

Hello From NUDANCO!

We’re incredibly excited to be launching our new website today – This project has been ongoing since the fall semester, when the e-board decided that our previous site needed a major overhaul. Now in our 7th season, the company has progressed to the point where we need a platform that communicates with our dancers, audiences, and potential members alike. The new site integrates multiple online channels (YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc) and provides updated information (About Us, FAQ) that hopefully illustrates a better picture of everything NUDANCO has to offer.

As you explore the site, you’ll notice some new or improved features. Most notably, this blog! While the e-board tries to stay in touch with the dancers as much as possible, we thought a blog would be a great way to share “behind the scenes” NUDANCO. This will be a rehearsal reminder/dues request/meeting announcement free zone – well, maybe not totally free, but we’ll try. Expect to see posts relating to anything e-board members would like to share with the company and online onlookers, such as recapping NUDANCO events, commenting on the latest “So You Think You Can Dance,” or talking about an awesome class they took at a nearby dance studio. The News Section will still contain all important performance related details, but the blog is intended to highlight our company in ways that an audience member wouldn’t necessarily see at a live show.

Please feel free to join our Community Page (accessible via the bottom navigation bar) to share some of your thoughts about the new website, our upcoming events, or anything else you’d like to comment on. We encourage your feedback and are hoping to make this site as user friendly as possible.

Thanks everyone – remember to come back soon for our latest installment of the E-Board Blog!


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Feb 15, 2010

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How can I become a member of NUDANCO?

To become a member of NUDANCO you must audition. Auditions are held in September and January for inclusion in that semester’s performance. Prospective dancers may audition for as many pieces as they want, but upon being chosen, may only perform in 3 dances. Once you have auditioned and are accepted, we ask that you pay a $30 membership fee, due at the beginning of the semester. For more information on auditioning, please see our Audition Information page. 


What kind of dance styles does NUDANCO work with?

NUDANCO works with a wide variety of inter-disciplinary dance styles, including (but not limited to): contemporary, modern, ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, African, tap and Irish step. Styles can and do differ from semester to semester, depending on the preferences of our chosen choreographers.


When does NUDANCO perform?

Our annual showcases are held in early December and early to mid April. We also offer opportunities to collaborate with other student groups – the availability and date of these performances varies with each semester. 


Where are rehearsals held?

Company rehearsals are primarily held in the dance studio, located on the second floor of the Curry Student Center – room 242. We also hold rehearsals in the Fenway Center, CSC ballroom, the Marino Center, or Squashbusters. For directions, please consult the map below.
View NUDANCO Rehearsal Locations in a larger map 


Do you hold classes?

Because we are a performance based company, our main focus is rehearsals. In the event that Northeastern provides us with more than enough scheduled hours, NUDANCO hosts classes taught by our student choreographers. Classes are open to all (including non-company dancers) and free of charge. To see what/if classes are currently scheduled, please see our Events page. 


What level of commitment is required to be a NUDANCO company member?

We ask that dancers attend all rehearsals, the mid-semester run-through, dress rehearsal and of course, our showcase. Rehearsals are typically 1 hour per piece on weeknights after 6 pm, or on weekend afternoons. Dancers are allowed to be in 3 pieces at most (4 if you’re a choreographer), so the max amount of rehearsals a week would be either 3 or 4. In addition to the usual scheduled rehearsals, choreographers may chose to hold extra rehearsals towards the end of the semester. 


What about costumes?

Costumes are left to the discretion of the choreographer, and each dancer pays for his/her own costume. In an attempt to keep costs low, we ask that choreographers stay with a $30 limit.

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Feb 15, 2010

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The Northeastern University Dance Company (NUDANCO) is the longest standing performance-based dance company at Northeastern University. Established in 2002, NUDANCO’s bi-annual showcases have become a permanent fixture in the

NU performing arts scene. Our performances feature an all-student cast of dancers and choreographers, who collaborate for months to produce artistic works that will entertain the NU community, dance enthusiasts, and our supportive fans. Our dancers are committed, creative and passionate about sharing their love of dance with our audiences. In addition to our own showcases, NUDANCO collaborates with other dance and non-dance groups at NU to create various performance opportunities.


Mission Statement:

The goal of The Northeastern University Dance Company (NUDANCO) is to provide an artistic outlet and performance opportunities for NU students with a passion and commitment to dance. NUDANCO is performance driven, serving its members -the dancers – and its community – the audience. NUDANCO values dance traditions, form and technique, and focuses on creative, artistic expression through movement.  Company members contribute choreography in the genres of modern, hip-hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, tap and other interpretive and classical styles. NUDANCO is entirely student run, and features a collaboration of expressive student choreography in its showcase each semester.

Company Membership:

Company membership is determined by audition. Auditions are held in September and January for inclusion in that semester’s showcase. We invite both undergraduate and graduate NU students. For more information on auditions and membership, please see our FAQ page.

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