Sep 5, 2014

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NUDANCO Highlight: Breana Goscicki

Get to know NUDANCO’s President, Breana Goscicki!

936242_10201209379380660_717719663_nHow did you first hear about NUDANCO/why did you decide to audition?

Originally when I was looking at schools the key element I wanted in the school was my major. With pharmacy it’s tricky because not every school has it and I figured it’d also be cool to be able to continue dance if given the chance after graduating high school. When doing my research there were many schools with your standard dance team, hip hop crews, and the like, but when I stumbled across NUDANCO’s YouTube page my junior year of high school it only made me fall in love with Northeastern even more. Viewing the different pieces that had been performed over the past few years, I knew that it was something that I wanted to be a part of. The setup of NUDANCO and both the creativity and variety that I saw amongst the dancers made me want to invest my free time at Northeastern in something that I love to do.

What is your favorite event during the year with NUDANCO?

This will be my third year on the Eboard and every semester the event I get most excited for is choreographer auditions. While everyone gets to see a preview of each dance on dancer audition day and then the final product at the show, it’s truly a lovely experience getting to be part of putting that show together. What I love about it is that you get to see the inner workings of all of our beautiful dancers’ minds when they show off their stuff and explain the vision they have for the semester. It’s a rewarding feeling when at the end of every semester you know that you had a hand in picking what always ends up being a beautiful show.

What has been you’re favorite piece that you have been in so far with NUDANCO?

So many to choose from! As far as my first hip hop debut with NUDANCO, in the fall semester of my sophomore year I was chosen to be in Andrea Kohanna & Angela D’Ercole’s ‘Monster’ piece which was so cool to do because it was a theme of hip hop that I didn’t necessarily get to do in high school. I’m also pretty sure I didn’t know I could rock a stank face until that audition and it’s now a quality of mine that has gotten me compliments after performing on the NUDANCO stage. I’m going to have to also pick a second favorite because it was just so much fun and I got to work with a great choreographer, Shannon Brown, and fabulous dancers who made rehearsal every week pretty sweet. This was Shannon’s last piece for NUDANCO, ‘#nutapco’ to LMFAO’s ‘Party Rock Anthem’ and she definitely created a party on stage.

Watch Angela & Andrea’s piece here: YouTube Preview Image

Watch Shannon’s piece here: YouTube Preview Image

What has been your favorite piece that you’ve choreographed?

It has to be the ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ piece I choreographed with Hannah Gibson for our Throwback show. Even though this was the largest group of dancers that we had both worked with it came together and our dancers were on point come show day. Additionally, Katherine Dumais provided us with some sick lighting after we had given her only 3 suggestions or things that we needed for the piece. Hannah and I were able to incorporate a ton of our favorite throwback songs and give off a number of vibes and styles with our song selection, so much so that I couldn’t pick a favorite section of the dance. I think that all of our dancers truly enjoyed the dance and had a lot of fun learning it which definitely showed in the final performance.

Watch Breana & Hannah’s piece here: YouTube Preview Image

How do you find time to balance NUDANCO with the other things you are involved with/what are you involved with (student groups, major, etc.)?  1898813_10203333292237154_2070111627_o

As a lot of people know, I’m kind of the “get everything done myself” involved person that somehow survives each semester. At least I’m surprised when I do. As a pharmacy major it’s been a lot of give and take with my student group involvements and being able to get the work I need to done. Additionally, I am on the Eboard for Colleges Against Cancer and hold the Entertainment Chair position for the Relay for Life Committee. Being Entertainment Chair allows me to combine my love for the performing arts and Relay, to help keep attendees having fun. When NUDANCO performs at Relay as well it’s always a fun show and a good time to show off to some of the students who may not make it to our shows each semester. I currently work per diem at Dana Farber Cancer Institute as well, after doing two of my co-ops there. This position is something that I very much enjoy and I am happy I have found a work environment that I like going to and feel appreciated. I also attend and participate in events for other student groups on campus including NRHH, NUSHP, & ACCP which throw some interesting bits in my life now and again. Organization is definitely a key factor in balancing all of my commitments, and I’ve got the color coded planner to prove it. However, I think it truly is the fact that I have been involved in things that I am passionate about, including NUDANCO of course, and that I have developed a strong support system of friends and family that can get me through the semester week by week, to you guys I am grateful.

Do you have any plans for the upcoming fall as far as choreography/what are you planning? 

So normally I’m the hip hop chick. However, this semester I’m super stoked about being able to do a hip hop/contemporary fusion piece with some music I find enthralling. I’ll be choreographing a dance to the Sound Remedy remix of Daughter’s ‘Medicine’ and I’m excited to be able to work with dancers that I maybe don’t usually have the opportunity to due to the slight contemporary nature of the piece. This will definitely be something different coming from me this semester so everyone should come to the winter showcase this December! I’m also hoping to be able to do some side projects with our dancers this year for more opportunities for everyone to see the talent that NUDANCO has to offer, aside from just at our showcase. This will also increase the opportunity for more of our dancers to get to work together. I’m thinking it’s going to be a great semester!

426176_3209906210653_524365647_n (1)How has NUDANCO impacted your overall Northeastern experience? 

NUDANCO is my love. I’ve met so many great people through NUDANCO and they are usually good for a fun night out or in. If I didn’t do NUDANCO I wouldn’t have my current roommate (shout out to Stephanie Aboulafia) who’s fabulous, as well as the many great friends I have made over the years. NUDANCO has allowed me to interact with many people within the university that might not be in the company itself and being on Eboard has broadened my knowledge of Northeastern policies which tend to come in handy from time to time. NUDANCO has allowed me to project so many of my visions onto all of the talent we have in our company and lay it out on the stage in Blackman Auditorium every semester. Being involved with this wonderful group has shaped a large chunk of my experience at Northeastern and I couldn’t imagine my time here without it. I hope that the company continues to grow and flourish like I know it can this year and following my graduation at the end of this year.

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Aug 9, 2014

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NUDANCO Highlight: Taylor Evangelista


1Why did you join NUDANCO and what’s kept you coming back?

I auditioned for NUDANCO completely on a whim and I showed up and immediately knew that this was what I was looking for. It’s been a great step away from a hectic life, and NUDANCO has allowed me to create! I love coming to auditions and spending the entire day throwing ourselves across the floor, I love that in one semester I can collaborate with a brilliant dancer AND make an attempt at choreographing jazz in leather leggings.

You’ve been on the Eboard the past few years, what have you seen and what do you hope for this year?

I’ve had the great opportunity of being NUDANCO’s Events Coordinator for the past two years. We’ve grown as a company – getting offers to perform on and off campus, Zenon Girl of the 21st Century parties (the important stuff), photoshoots – you name it! As I enter my last year with the company, I’m thrilled to act as Bre’s Vice President! This year I’m looking forward to working more closely with choreographers to4 maximize their visions using dancers, lights, music, and movement as resources. I think it’s important for choreographers to believe in what they’re creating.


What has been your favorite piece that you’ve choreographed?

My favorite choreographed piece would have to be Hanging On. It was something that really came together the way I envisioned it, and I enjoyed working on it! I was grateful to have an incredible group of dancers to work with as well as some incredible lighting techs. I was inspired by the contrasts in the music and the story that we could tell. Watch Taylor’s piece below:


YouTube Preview Image


What are some of your favorite pieces that you have performed in?

Hm – that’s a tough one… I loved every second of being on stage in Hannah & Breana’s Throwback piece “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (big hip hop debut). But, there have been a couple of contemporary dances that have pushed the limits and felt like a force on stage. “Turn to Stone”, “Young & Beautiful”, and “Youth” were some of my favorites to dance. Watch some of these fabulous dances below!


YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


3What would you want to say to someone who’s thinking abot becoming a part of NUDANCO?

Being a part of NUDANCO has opened a lot of doors. It’s an incredible opportunity that offers a variety of roles – dancer, choreographer, Eboard member. I’m often inspired by all of the dancers around me. They’re brilliant students and dancers. I can dance with people I grew up competing against, and people I never would have met if I wasn’t a part of the company. Being in the studio, in that same space with all the talent and ideas, sparks an energy. We don’t think anything is impossible…at least until we try the same crazy, intricate, potentially dangerous lift 100 times. But most of all, we create. We tell stories by manipulating the perception of sound, space and movement. If you are a dancer, you should check it out. If you’re not a dancer…you might want to start.

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Jul 16, 2014

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NUDANCO Highlight: Megan Trombi

How did you first hear about NUDANCO/why did you decide to audition?

 When I was first getting ready to go to Northeastern for my freshman year, I knew that I had to keep dancing since it was such a big part of my life growing up. However, there were so many options to choose from that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Luckily, one of my friends from my studio back home who had been going to Northeastern for a few years (thank you Megan Beaver) Facebook megan 3messaged me a few weeks before school started telling me all the reasons why NUDANCO was the best choice! That sealed the deal for me and made me so excited to go to auditions. Once I got to meet all of the company members and saw all of the great opportunities I could be apart of, I knew that I made the right choice and that NUDANCO would be one of my favorite parts about Northeastern!


What are some of the best parts about NUDANCO that you think separates it from the rest?

 I love that the company brings together so many people who all love dance, and have so many different unique things to bring to the table. The styles of dance and all the amazing ideas for pieces that everyone comes up with are so inspiring, and each semester is a new and exciting performance. Being able to take a few hours a week and focus on something other than schoolwork is such a great stress-reliever, and means I always have something to look forward to. And I think the best part is definitely the friendships you make! I’ve met some really great friends through the company who I wouldn’t have without it, so NUDANCO really has a little bit of everything!


What has been you’re favorite piece that you have been in so far with NUDANCO?

This is such a hard question! I’ve been so lucky to have been in some really great contemporary and lyric pieces, and even did hip hop for the first time in a few years last semester, but since my favorite style has always been jazz, I’ll have to go with Megan’s piece my very first semester “You’ll Find A Way.” Not only do I absolutely love that song, but I got to be really intense and sassy while doing some really tough and cool choreography. I think the fact that this was one of my first dances with the company will always make it special to me, and rewatching it always makes me feel like dancing! Watch Megan’s piece here:

YouTube Preview Image


What is your favorite event during the year with NUDANCO?

megan 1Again, another tough question because pretty much every event throughout the semester is always a blast!  But since I have to pick, I think I’ll go with dress rehearsal. Not only do I love getting to get all decked out in stage makeup and costumes, but being able to finally dance on the stage in Blackman (and without an actual audience yet!) is a great feeling. I love getting to see all of the finished products of the pieces that I’m not in, and seeing the difference the costumes and lighting makes is always really exciting. Being able to spend a whole night performing and watching dances with your friends and no real pressure is so much fun, and makes me that much more excited for the show day to be here!


Do you have any plans to choreograph in the fall?

I can finally say that I’m over my nerves and will be preparing a piece for the fall! This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of semesters, and now that I think that I’ve found the perfect song and inspiration I’m really excited. I won’t give away too much yet, but this is one of my favorite songs of all time and will definitely be an intense and flirty jazz piece, with lots of intricate choreography and lighting to go with the strong beats of the music and words of the song. Hopefully all will go well at choreographer auditions and I’ll be able to bring it to the stage!


This will be your first year on the E-board as treasurer! What are you most excited to do in this position and what do you hope to accomplish?megan 2

NUDANCO has been such an important part of my college experience and I’m so excited to be able to give back to the company! In my position not only do I get to pitch to the financial board to make sure we get the funds for our show, but I get to work with the rest of the amazing ladies on the board to make sure the year runs smoothly and that everyone gets the most out of this experience. I am really excited to see our company grow and get closer. I want to make sure that more people have to chance to join this amazing group of dancers, and are able to take part in all of the fun aspects of the company in and out of the studio. I think this year is going to be the best yet, and I’m really looking forward to working hard to make sure that happens!

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Jul 2, 2014

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NUDANCO Highlight: Taylor McLelland

Get to know our Creative Planner, Taylor McLelland!

How did you first hear about NUDANCO/how did you decide to get involved?

I actually heard about to Nudanco when I was in high school from a friend whose older sibling went there. It was around the time when they were having their annual winter showcase, so myself and a couple of friends actually went to that show. I think that is pretty much what sold me on joining Nudanco by seeing how good they were! I remember just being so amazed by the whole performance and wanting to know more. After I was accepted to Northeastern I got in contact with one the current members at the time and we met for a little on campus. She told me all about the company and what they do with such enthusiasm that I couldn’t wait to go to tryouts later that year.

Coming from a competitive dance studio back when I was in high school, I thought joining Nudanco was the perfect fit! I loved how they held recitals at the end of every semester, just how my old studio used to be.  Although it was lesser of a commitment compared to what I used to do, I knew that this would be a good thing for when I was enrolled in a full semester of classes not really knowing what to expect.

393153_10151229056023355_1771201441_nAfter my first semester freshman year trying out and making it, I just feel in love with the company and the fact that I was still able to continue dancing. I have been a member of the company for almost five years now and coming up to my last year I decided that it was time to get more involved with the company. Becoming a member of the eboard is something I always wanted to do and running for Creative Planner seemed to be the right position for me, being a graphic design major. Getting the chance to create numerous materials for the company, from t-shirt to posters and more, is so great! Design is my passion and being able to do it for a group I have been apart of and grown up with for so long seemed to be the perfect fit.

What is your favorite piece that you’ve been in with NUDANCO?

Lost in the Moments by Andrea Kohanna and Angela D’Ercole

This was the first hip-hop dance I was in and it is still one of my favorite pieces to this day! I remember trying out for this piece and thinking “I don’t know if I am hip hoppy enough for this.” Coming from my old studio we did some hip-hop, but focused more in other genres. And then seeing this totally new hip-hop style I’ve never done before, I just had to try out. I didn’t go in with any expectations, but I sure did give it my all. When the results came out and I saw my name on that list I cannot tell you how excited I was. I was a little nervous being a freshman and not really knowing who anyone was but I was excited to finally be a member of Nudanco and get started.

After learning this dance is when I started to really enjoy doing hip-hop even more. I loved the songs and they really made me get into it and feel the music. Performing this during our winter showcase was so much fun! I finally got to do a piece that was out of my element and I like to think we killed it! I find myself re-watching that video every now and then and just being in awe that I got to be a part of that piece. It’s definitely a dance I will never forget.

Watch Andrea & Angela’s piece here:

YouTube Preview Image

How has your learning at Northeastern/co-ops helped you out with designing things for NUDANCO? Have specific things influenced how you choose to design something?

Coming into Northeastern as a design major you get the opportunity to take a large variety of art and design courses. On top of that, being able to experience first hand what its like in the real world as a designer with co-op. This really gave me the ability to not only grow as a designer but also take in new experiences that Northeastern has offered. Since becoming the Creative Planner for Nudanco, I have been able to put all my combined knowledge from class and co-op towards this.

When it comes to designing something I always look for inspirations around me, whether it’s from current trends, nature, structural elements, or famous designers works.  With this I can brainstorm and start to formulate an idea of what I would like a certain design to look like. I always try to design with an open mind and then see where that leads me. It usually takes a lot of drafts of a design of looking it over, editing, or asking for feedback from others until there is a finalized one, but in the end you want something that appeals to who ever may be viewing it. And creating something to do just that takes a lot of time and effort.  But with that I always strive to represent Nudanco in the best way possible to further promote our company.Taylor McLelland

Creative Planner is a new position the eboard this year, while you have been doing the program/poster/tee shirt designs for the past year is there anything else you’d like to add during the year to promote NUDANCO?

Aside from the current design materials, I have had a few other ideas to further promote Nudanco. First off, I would love to redesign the Nudanco website to simply just give it a new and fresh look. Not that I don’t already love the previous site design, I just think it would be nice to switch it up. I’m thinking something simple, yet easily understandable and also to navigate through by the viewer. I like to think of it as just a face-lift! All the information will be the same, but the exterior will be slightly different.

That’s the big project I would like to take on, but other ideas I have are to constantly create informational flyers for an upcoming events, photo and video highlights to post on our social media sites, new Nudanco t-shirts to sell during shows as promotional materials, and photo shoots for not only Nudanco members but possibly one for younger dancers interested in continuing dance throughout college. I am very eager to start on these new projects for this coming fall semester and really get Nudanco’s name out there.  There are many new things to take on but I’m definitely ready for the challenge as the new Creative Planner.

What is your favorite event during the NUDANCO season?

My favorite event during the season would have to be the Fajitas and Rita’s fundraiser. Not only do you get to bond with current members but also you get to enjoy delicious food on top of that. It’s a chance to hang out with other members in the company outside of the dance studio and get to know those who many not be in the same dances as you.  Our company is made up of around 40-50 people so getting to know everyone may be a little tough sometimes, but this give you the chance for just that. You start to get to know people better and form that strong Nudanco bond that the company has. And who knows you might even find someone who wants to collaborate on another dance with you or just even get to know you better. It truly is just a good time and you enjoy it with great people.

What are your plans for choreographing this fall?

Big news…at least for me. I plan on choreographing a hip-hop dance in the fall! This is my first dance that I would like to choreograph for Nudanco and I am pretty excited about it! I won’t give anything away just yet, but I’ve incorporated a lot of current and also remixes of songs that many of you probably already know. It will be strong, sassy, upbeat and a lot of fun. So fingers crossed that choreographer auditions go well!

As a senior who will be graduating this upcoming year, what do you hope to contribute throughout the year to leave for future NUDANCO members?

1922238_10152125317788355_877173863_nI know it’s going to be an amazing last year here with Nudanco and out of everything the one thing I hope to leave behind is simply continuing the love for dance. Nudanco has not only given me so many opportunities but also made my college career that much better. You get to do something you love and also meet so many amazing individuals along the way. The friendships I have formed will last forever and I am so grateful of that. From my first year in Nudanco til now, I have not only grown as a person but as a dancer as well. Dance is a huge part of my life and I really don’t know what I would do without it. It’s almost like a happy place for me, when I’m having a bad day or just need escape from the real world. Through dance I am able to let it all out and express myself in a way I love.

Dance is something not only myself but everyone in the company puts their heart and soul into and it really shows. The amount of hard work each and every member puts into their dances is amazing and you can see it all in our showcases. Just a pure love and joy for dance. To somewhat I want to leave behind may sound a little cheesy, but I believe that this love for dance is one of the many things that make Nudanco what it is today!

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Jun 18, 2014

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NUDANCO Highlight: Hillary Jackson

Get to know our Events Coordinator for the 2014-2015 year, Hillary Jackson!

255438_10150932554679648_1968625155_nHow did you first hear about NUDANCO/what made you decide to audition?

I first heard about NUDANCO when I was a senior in high school visiting NU for their Accepted Students Day.  I was on a tour of the campus, still unsure where I wanted to attend college, when I saw a poster advertising the Spring 2009 Showcase. I attended the show that night and was absolutely awed by the talent, professionalism, high quality of dancing, and obvious camaraderie amongst the company’s members.  The show literally blew me away because I had no idea that NU, which didn’t even have a dance major, harbored such outstanding dancers with an outlet to perform!  I had trained in a pre-professional ballet company in Vermont before attending college and was used to dancing and rehearsing 20+ hours a week.  Dance had become a major part of who I was and I knew that one way or another I wanted to continue dancing throughout my college career.  NUDANCO was one of the factors that swayed my decision and made me attend Northeastern University.

What is your favorite NUDANCO element during the semester and why?

Shockingly enough, I would have to say the dancer auditions are my favorite part of each NUDANCO semester.  Auditions in general have a reputation for being nerve-racking and stressful, but I have found that NUDANCO auditions are different because they are fun!  It’s the first sneak peek at what our semester’s show is going to look like and it’s the first chance of the semester to reunite with all of the awesome friends I’ve made throughout my time in NUDANCO.  Although all auditions cause people to get nervous and paranoid they’re not going to make the cut, etc., once I start dancing, all of those fears and worries disappear and it ends up being an entire day or two of dancing with my best friends and trying out a bunch of different styles and new pieces.  It’s a chance to completely let go of everything else that may be going on in my life, and simply put every ounce of my emotion and energy into my dancing.  It’s also exciting to see all of the new faces that show up at auditions because I get to see new talent and be inspired by new dancers that will hopefully become future company members and close friends.

What has been your favorite event to attend over the course of being in NUDANCO and what would you like to do with your Events Coordinator position for the upcoming year? 

One of my first years in the company, I attended the Boston Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker as part of a company outing.  It was so much fun to get dressed up and socialize with my NUDANCO family outside of the studio.  The show itself was such an incredible treat to attend.  I still remember my jaw dropping to the ground when I entered the Boston Opera House because it was one of the fanciest, most beautiful theaters I had ever been in and the dancing was breath taking as well.  I loved taking advantage of such a wonderful and festive event that was going on in the new city I was beginning to call home.Hillary Jackson

As  this year’s Events Coordinator, I want to organize more opportunities for NUDANCO members to become aware and attend dance-related events going on in our city.  We all share a deep passion for dance and I feel that we need to take advantage of the opportunities this city offers to spark new inspiration and enthusiasm.  Such opportunities and events will include encouraging members to take open-classes at any of the multiple quality studios in the area, attending performances, dance festivals and dance-related talks, as well as lots of bonding and fundraising events.  I ran for this position on Eboard because I want to help foster friendships similar to the great ones I’ve been fortunate enough to make through being in NUDANCO.  In my opinion, NUDANCO is one of the top companies at our university and I not only want to help it to grow, but I want to continue sharing our success and talent with an even larger public audience.

What has been your favorite piece that you have performed with NUDANCO? 

Wow, this is a tough question!  I have had the great honor of being in so many different pieces by many talented choreographers over the years, it is difficult to pick just one favorite!  Although, in order to figure out my answer to this question, it did give me a great excuse to binge watch a ton of old NUDANCO videos on our youtube channel, so thank you!

One of my top favorite dances that I’ve been in was Rebecca Daly’s piece in the Spring 2012 Showcase.  Rebecca choreographed movements that were so purposeful and distinctly dynamic, which strongly complimented the musicality of the piece.  Her choreography made me feel absolutely alive when dancing in this piece. View Rebecca’s piece here:

YouTube Preview Image

As part of your current co-op, you get to work with dancers with regards to their physical therapy. How has having a dance background yourself impacted your career goals? 

I am currently co-oping at Sports and Physical Therapy Associates (SPTA) in Wellesley, MA.  I work directly with Kristen Lung Batista, who is a former professional dancer with the Boston Ballet Company who then earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at Northeastern University.   I have always dreamed of having a career where I could combine my experience and knowledge of dance  with my knowledge and passion for physical therapy, but I had never seen it done in person until I worked at this clinic.  I knew from my own medical experiences that it is extremely rare to work with a doctor, or any health care professional, who has any deep knowledge about dance and the demands that it places on the body.  I feel that I owe it to my future patients to put my rare dancing knowledge and experience to good use.  At SPTA, we specialize in treating dancers and are able to clearly understand the stresses of their intense training, the expectations put on them by themselves and their directors, as well as the bio-mechanics of the human body as they pertain to common dance-related injuries.

Through this co-op I’ve  not only gotten an unbelievable hands-on experience treating dancers, but I also attended a conference put on by Boston Children’s Hospital called Boston Children’s Dance Symposium 2014: The Evaluation, Treatment, and  Rehabilitation of the Dancer with an Injury to the Foot/Ankle.  This was an all-day conference that consisted of fourteen different speakers all focusing on how to improve our healthcare treatment for the dancer population, specifically when dealing with a patient who has an ankle or foot injury.  The speakers consisted of world-renowned surgeons, doctors, physicians, physical therapists, professors, and a current professional dancer, all of whom shared their specialized knowledge about foot and ankle injuries specific to dancers.  It was a truly inspiring conference that provided me with a wealth of information and knowledge.  After attending this conference and working for sixth months at SPTA, I am more inspired and motivated than ever to continue striving towards a career which will allow me to help heal this special population of patients with whom I feel so closely connected.

1511765_10152173823844648_1348359640_nHow do you find time to balance NUDANCO with the other things you are involved with/what are you involved with (student groups, major, etc.)?   How has NUDANCO impacted your overall Northeastern experience? 

I am a Physical Therapy major at Northeastern which alone takes up a majority of my time as it is an extremely rigorous major.  Outside of academics, I am involved with NU Downhillers Ski & Snowboard Club, which is a club on campus that goes on day-trips every Saturday to mountains all over the east coast for ski trips.  I enjoy staying active by also taking dance and yoga classes at different locations around the city, and I work part time at two of my past co-ops.  My life is extremely busy, but one thing my parents always taught me was the importance of balance.  NUDANCO is not only a great opportunity to continue performing an art form that will always be part of who I am, it is also a fun, social outlet, as well as physical release, that has helped me to form some of the greatest and strongest friendships I have found since attending NU.  It is not difficult to find time for NUDANCO because being part of this group has given me so much throughout the years and it is easy to make such a positive thing such a high priority.

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Jun 3, 2014

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NUDANCO Highlight: Melissa Broughton

Here is our first NUDANCO highlight! This is something we’ll be doing to  showcase the dancers and choreographers of NUDANCO so that prospective members, current students of Northeastern and our own NUDANCO members can get to know a little about our fabulous dancers. This summer you can get to know our new Eboard but we will be selecting some of our other members once the fall comes!

This summer we are holding free classes on Wednesday nights from 7-8 PM. Last week if you missed it you can view Melissa Broughton’s sick combo to Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body” at the link here and also see what we have to offer for the rest of the summer:

Get to know our Secretary Melissa below!

melissa 2

How did you first hear about NUDANCO/what made you decide to audition?

I first heard of NUDANCO through the student activities fair during welcome week freshman year. I had danced since I was younger and was hoping to continue dancing in college. NUDANCO provided the perfect opportunity!


What is your favorite NUDANCO element during the semester and why?

My favorite element of NUDANCO is auditions. I love watching the pieces the choreographers come up with- it gets me excited and ready to dance for the semester. I also love that NUDANCO has allowed me to branch out and try new things with dance, from choreographing and teaching to Irish dancing.


What has been your favorite thing that you have choreographed? 

My favorite thing that I have choreographed was a tap piece to Mockingbird by Eminem. Most of the songs I have previously choreographed to have been upbeat, but this song presented a challenge. Not only do I have to play with the beat of the music, but also the flow of the verses.

View Melissa’s Eminem piece from our Spring 2014 Showcase here: YouTube Preview Image


What has been your favorite piece that you have performed with NUDANCO? 

My favorite piece I have performed with NUDANCO was my first semester freshman year- a hip-hop piece choreographed by Andrea & Angela. It was refreshing to try a different genre of dance than my preferred (tap dancing) and the choreography was fun to perform.

Watch this awesome choreo by Angela D’Ercole & Andrea Kohanna from our Winter 2012 Showcase here: YouTube Preview Image


How do you find time to balance NUDANCO with the other things you are involved with?

One of the things I look forward to each week is rehearsal. NUDANCO gives me a fun break from studying and classes without feeling over burdened- there is only an hour a week commitment per piece.


What is your favorite NUDANCO memory? 

My favorite NUDANCO memory is more a collection of memories. Through NUDANCO I have made some wonderful friends that I might not have met otherwise. (Shout out to Katie Laughinghouse)melissa 1


Do you have any plans for the upcoming fall as far as choreography/what are you planning? 

I would love to choreograph to a mix of Justin Timberlake songs- he is the man. I am also working on an Irish/tap collaboration I am very excited about. As a science major this is another reason I love NUDANCO- a place to foster my creative urges.


What are you hoping for in the upcoming year and the future for NUDANCO as a new Eboard member? 

I am looking forward to helping coordinate the showcases each semester, and I hope to have more company bonding- including the notorious themed cast parties. As an avid NUTAPCO member, I hope for the presence of tap dancing to increase in the company as whole through choreographers & dancers. Choreographing a tap dance can be intimidating at first, but it is actually a lot of fun! I also hope to start bimonthly tap jams!

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